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DHA Lahore Property Situation After Elections 2018 – A Property Expert Review

As we have witnessed that the Real Estate Market has gone into a slump in 2018. Investor confidence remained cautious due to changes in the local political landscape. Therefore, market response was slow and investors, despite being keen to invest in the market, maintained wait and watch stance.

As current Government continues to maintain regulatory framework, The Uncertainty in the market place is fading away, according to our property expert in DHA, Lahore, current market indicators shows investor confidence in the market and thus, results in stable market performance, Smart investors always benefits from the changing market dynamics. Particularly in DHA infrastructure improvement projects such as, signal free corridor in phase 1 has led to the keen interest from the market players and overall market sentiment is positive.

Having said that, there may be areas which perform slower than the others, Expert advice and true in-depth knowledge of the market dynamics, can be the real difference in successful trading or identifying a profitable investment to baring a loss or acquiring a least profitable property. Based on the recent analysis we have observed, DHA phases 1 to phase 6 remain a stronghold choice for our investors and demand in these areas is continuously increasing. Most appreciating area is Phase 6Mb Commercial, as investors continue to hunt for the key locations which are of strategic interest/importance in the area.

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